JT Foxx Lawsuit Dismissed by Judge 2

1302726693-300px-extortion_for_dummiesA lawsuit filed against renowned entrepreneur J.T. Foxx and his wholly-owned entities for alleged sexual and other harassment was tossed out of court this past Thursday by Judge Murphy of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

In granting the Foxx Defendants’ Demurrer, Judge Murphy acknowledged the obvious prejudicial effect posed by the joinder of the Plaintiffs into a single Complaint. She allowed Plaintiffs Twenty (20) days leave to amend or be subjected to a final dismissal with prejudice, and stated that she will look very closely at any amended complaint which Plaintiffs may file.

2 thoughts on “JT Foxx Lawsuit Dismissed by Judge

  1. Nicholas Hudson Feb 4, 2014 5:03 am

    JT is an eloquent speaker. He delivers with style and humor. I learned more from his event than any other covering business and networking.

    I am going to apply the branding and monetizing techniques and also the private equity pitch.

  2. Christine Yew May 19, 2014 7:06 pm

    Great Speaker, very articulate, and intellegent. He was able to make alot of complicated frameworks that have been taught elsewhere very simple.

    I found his event very educational and inspiring. The event not only had great presentations and content, but also had great particpants and other business owners to network with.

    Christine Yew, Chicago IL

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