Contingency Lawyers Latest Harassment Tool Against Small Businesses

Already plagued by frauds and extortionists out to make a quick buck off of their hard-earned reputations, there is a new way that those who would harm entrepreneurs that’s possibly even more dangerous—the use of contingency lawyers to support false claims of harassment and other nefarious deeds.

Claims of harassment—particularly those of a purportedly sexual nature—can cause irreparable damage to the small business owner. As JT Foxx elaborates, “This is becoming a bigger and bigger phenomenon and small business owners need to protect themselves from former employees who will say anything and everything to get a buck. Sexual harassment has no place in any work environment but what are worse are false accusations that can destroy businesses and marriages.”

Never one to back down from threats against small business owners and entrepreneurs, JT is taking this matter head on, through a major initiative designed to help protect potential victims through education and empowerment.

This new initiative includes the launch of several powerful new websites including,, and

Live education initiatives will be rolled out at all upcoming events. JT Foxx will bring experts and tell attendees exactly what they need to do protect your brand and business from litigious former employees and overzealous attorneys.

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